Solar Panel Rebate 2023: How To Claim the Solar Rebate in WA

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Solar energy has become the established alternative to ever-increasing electricity prices, not to mention decrease household carbon footprint and save on energy costs. Western Australia, with its abundant sunshine, is an excellent place to take advantage of this clean energy source.

There has never been a better time to get your own solar panel system. But – like many others – you probably want to save yourself some money on the purchase and installation. Luckily, the solar panel rebate can help you get the solar system you want cheaper. This guide aims to explain the details of this solar panel rebate and how you can claim it in WA.

What Exactly is a Solar Rebate?

A rebate – in simple terms – is a refund or discount of some kind provided to consumers who purchase particular products or items. There is a Government Rebate available for households here in WA, even if you have had a previous system installed years ago and you want to upgrade. You may find that rebates are referred to as small-scale technology certificates.

How Does the Solar Rebate Work in Western Australia?

Properties in Western Australia are entitled to a Government rebate on the purchase and installation of solar panels. Residents living in Western Australia are able to apply for this renewable energy rebate for new packages, extra panels or upgrading an existing system. 

The rebate itself is calculated based on the wattage (a unit of power) of the solar panels purchased.

The main purpose of this rebate is to encourage property owners to convert to a more renewable energy system, which is fair – the savings you can make on excess electricity bills are substantial. To be eligible, you must be a homeowner in Western Australia and purchase a solar PV system from a Clean Energy Council (CEC) accredited retailer and installer.

What Are the Benefits of the Solar System Rebate?

Having solar rebates available for installing solar systems provides some nice benefits to those who choose to claim said rebates.

Financial Benefits

The financial benefits of a solar rebate are pretty clear to see once you delve into the details. Solar panels provide a more cost-effective energy solution than the standard electricity grid, meaning you’ll be able to power your property for cheaper.

On top of this, the rebate itself is making the barrier of entry lower for those who are apprehensive to install solar systems because of the upfront costs. The incentives offered by rebates such as this are a great opportunity to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to major home works like a rooftop solar system.

Solar systems are an investment – you purchase them now so that they save you money on your electricity in the long term. With a solar rebate, that initial investment will have reduced costs – meaning you’ll be saving even more.

Environmental Benefits

On the other side, the environmental benefits of the solar system rebate are also clear. With the rebate enticing more households to get solar power systems installed, more properties will be utilising a cleaner form of energy.

This helps reduce not only individual homes’ carbon footprint but the carbon footprint of the state as a whole. Encouraging more West Australians to adopt a more eco-friendly lifestyle will help the overall sustainability of the state in the long term.

A set of solar panels on a WA roof

A set of solar panels on a WA roof

How to Claim the Solar Panel Rebate

The process to claim the solar panel rebate is relatively straightforward – provided you follow the appropriate steps.

First, you should find the solar system company you wish to purchase your solar system from. In order to claim the rebate, you need to purchase from a CEC-accredited solar provider.

After you’ve confirmed your solar provider and entered the purchase, your solar provider will need to lodge the rebate application on your behalf. This means you will need to provide them with documentation such as proof of property ownership.

Once the application has been sent off and approved, your solar provider will proceed with the installation of your solar system. Once the system has been fully set up, it will be connected to the grid – and your solar rebate will be applied in the form of small technology certificates (STCs) based on the size of the solar system installed.

Get the Most Out of Solar Energy with e-Solar

The solar panel rebate offers Western Australian homeowners a fantastic opportunity to switch to a more sustainable, cost-effective energy source. With financial savings and environmental benefits, it’s an initiative well worth considering.

There is no better time to invest in solar than now. The solar panel rebate is a great way to get started on a solar system for your home, and the expert team at e-Solar is here to help you with all of your solar panel systems needs.

Whether you have questions on how to reduce electricity usage, figure out which solar system is best for you, or are ready for a complete installation, please get in touch with e-Solar today for assistance.

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