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Are you looking for new LED lighting? At e-Solar, our LED lights are ideal for high luminosity whilst consuming a low wattage. View our range of LED lights below.

View Our Range of LED Lights

18W T8 LED Light

The 1200mm (4 feet) tube from e-Solar is the highest quality T8 LED tube available today. Use up to 70% less electricity than regular fluorescent tubes.
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6W MR16 LED Light

The 6 WATT MR16 12 volt LED Globes from e-Solar is one of the brightest and most economical energy-saving LED globes available. Read the full specs now.
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8W LED Bulb

Small size 8W LED light bulb, with 650lm for white colour. It can replace a 60W incandescent lamp. PF is up to 0.97 without IR or UV. Read the full specs.
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GU10 6W 240V Dim Warm White Light

The GU10 6W 240V dim in warm white has a beam angle of 60. Size: 50*62, Power: 3*2W. Learn about the full specifications and common uses with e-Solar.
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LED 15W 240V N & W White Light

The LED DL02 15W 240V is available in neutral and warm white. The beam angle is 120 while providing 15W of power. Read the full list of specifications now.
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LED 45W 240V Neutral White Light

We stock a range of 45W, 240V in neutral white. This includes LED PL30120 Neutral White, LED PL3030 Neutral White, LED PL6060 Neutral White.
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LED B22 7W 240V N & WL White Light

The LED B22 7W 240V is available in both warm white and neutral white. The beam angle is 270. Read the full specifications, sizes and uses online.
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LED CL37 18W 240V N & W White

The LED CL37 18W 240V is available in neutral & warm white. The beam angle is 90 and it provides 18W of power. View the full specifications online today.
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LED CL51 18W 240V N & W White

The LED CL51 18W 240V is available in neutral and warm white. The beam angle is 60, and it provides 18W of power. Read the full specifications now.
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LED CL59 13W 240V N & W White

The LED CL59 13W 240V is available in neutral white and warm white depending on your requirements. Get in touch with e-Solar directly to discuss options.
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LED E14 3W 240V Warm White

The LED E14 3W 240V comes in warm white. Depending on your applications and requirements, our team at e-Solar can walk you through the right choice.
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LED E14 4W 240V Warm White

The LED E14 4W 240V comes in warm white. Depending on your applications and requirements, our team at e-Solar can walk you through the right choice.
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LED E27 7W 240V Warm White

The LED E27 7W 240V comes in warm white. Depending on your applications and requirements, our team at e-Solar can walk you through the right choice.
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LED FL10 10W 240V Cool White

The LED FL10 10W 240V provides a cool white light. The beam angle is 120, providing 10W of power. View common applications and full specifications online.
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LED Floodlight 30-50W 240V

The LED Floodlight 240V provides 30-50W of power. This floodlight can be mounted to your home or business to provide ample light. View the specs online.
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LED G45 E14 3W 240V WW

The G45 E14 3W 240V is available in warm white. With a beam angle of 270 and providing 3W of power, the applications are quite broad. Speak to e-Solar today.
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LED Lights 6W 240V Warm White

The LED Lights 6W 240V comes in warm white with the LED GU10 6W 240V DIM also coming in warm white. View the full specifications list online today.
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LED Retro Lamp V30 White Dim

The retro LED lamp V30 comes in White Dim. The unique design is still quite popular throughout properties in Perth. View the full specifications online.
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Find Energy-Efficient LED Lighting

LED Lights should be standard components in all households and commercial outfits whether powered by solar or not. It’s easy to see why:

  • Low consumption 1 Watt LED is equivalent to 9 Watts Filament/Halogen and 2 Watts fluorescent.
  • High-Efficiency Energy Saving Light increasing with time.
  • High Luminosity.
  • Long operating life with over 50000 hours.
  • Reverse polarity protection.
  • Resistant to radio/TV interference.
  • The wide voltage operating range is especially relevant in rural areas.

Find The Perfect LED Lighting For Your Home with e-Solar

Ideal for 12 V and 240 V retrofitting they cut your running costs down to the bone instantly.

Not sure which LED lighting system is right for you?

Give us a call today on (08) 6363 5420. We will be more than happy to help you find the right LED lighting for your home.

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We provide high-quality LED lighting products to customers.

Real Savings

Save on energy bills with energy-efficient LED lights.

Friendly Service

Enjoy a friendly and reliable services with the team at e-Solar.

LED Lighting FAQs

How much energy can I save by installing LED lights?

LED lights have become the standard as Australians discover the massive electricity savings they can achieve.

Generally, a 1-watt LED light is the equivalent of a 9-Watt Incandescent bulb. Over time, this makes a tremendous difference, significantly lowering electricity usage.

Are LED lights expensive?

LED lighting is still more expensive than incandescent or fluoro lighting fixtures, but prices have considerably reduced over the past years.

So, although the upfront cost of LED lighting is more expensive, the extra investment is quickly made back through significantly lower energy bills.

Do I need an electrician to install LED lights?

If you are changing the whole light fixture to suit an LED bulb, you will require the help of an electrician.

However, if you are just changing the light bulb, you can change the bulb yourself.

View Our Genuine Solar Power Reviews From Perth Locals

The only correct solar company that should exist. Best job done, installed exactly how I requested it. I wanted a system with less panels so we opted for the 450w panels. Just brilliant. Only use e-solar if you want a company that will can still answer your questions in 3 months time.
Daniel Triantopoulos
Daniel Triantopoulos
This is the second time I have chosen them to a PV system in 9 years, and again they were excellent in all aspects.
Ian Darby
Ian Darby
Have now had 2 systems installed by E-Solar, easy to deal with, get the job done quickly and system works great! They also aren't pushy like all the other solar sales companies, they just let you decide when you're ready and go from there.
Nick Roelofs
Nick Roelofs
My solar system was installed for a reasonable price, ahead of schedule, and all the paperwork for Western Power and Synergy were done for me. In fact, they refused to accept any payment from me until I was completely satisfied with every detail of the install. I am 100% satisfied!
Adam Phillips
Adam Phillips
Excellent personal service and quality product at a great price. When you call e-Solar, Silvio, or Kristy will always answer in a pleasant and respectful manner and can't do enough for you. I am extremely happy with my system and I would go as far to say, if you don't use e-Solar, you're not getting the best!
Rob Bonner
Rob Bonner
I dealt with Christy from E-Solar and she has been excellent from beginning to after intallation. She provided a quote quickly and answered all my questions. Installation was organised within 10 days and all went ahead without a problem. Fantastic service! Highly recomended to any who is looking for solar system.
J Nikolov
J Nikolov
Extremely fast from my initial enquiry to having a fully operational Solar System (literally took 4 days). The installation team were very tidy professionals. Efficient and on-time service, much appreciated.
James Knipe
James Knipe
A great company to do business with. Excellent service and advice from Silvio and his team. Installation was expertly carried out and now, two days later greatly benefiting from the installed 6.6kW eSolar system.
Keith D
Keith D

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