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Reading a power meter in Western Australia.

How to Read Power Meters in Western Australia

How to read your meter EM1000 Meter? 0200 – 0258 Single Phase Meters Guide.   How to read your meter EM5100 Three-Phase Meter? 0348 Three...
Growatt research awards winner.

Growatt Receives Top Brand PV Inverters Awards Across Global Solar Markets

BERLIN, April 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Growatt managed to excel in global solar markets last year and consolidate its leading brand positions in spite of...
Solar panels for universities.

Trina Solar Working With Australian Universities to Drive Innovation

ANU right now is paving the way for the future of solar cell improvements. "ANU has recently done groundbreaking work to passivate metal contacts by...
Investing in solar batteries.

Should I Invest in Batteries?

At e-Solar, we have been watching the solar energy market change and grow for over 30 years, so whilst the development of solar battery technology...
Cheap solar system cost in Perth..

Why the Cheapest Solar System Usually Ends up Costing the Most

Solar prices have plummeted over the last few years and that can only be a good thing for residents in terms of saving money and...