Off Grid/Stand Alone

Holidays finally! But why spoil your star gazing evening with the background noise of your engine/gen set recharging your batteries?

Why can’t your fridge run silently for the next few days or as long as you want without worrying about power?

“e-Solar on the move” energy solutions address these very questions powering lights, fridges, freezers, TVs and whatever you have on board.

Whether you are at sea sailing, on a beach or in the outback it will not make any difference.

Our fold-up kits will provide you all the power you need when standing out in the sun, while you are in the shade. Your solar modules’ output is maximized rather than being in the shade if fixed on top of your campervan. *Best performance and output is achieved with the right inclination angle and by moving the kit to track the sun.


  • Reliable & instant power .
  • Simple to setup – plug and play.
  • No technical knowledge required.
  • Park in the shade while your modules are in the sun.
  • Up to 50% more output tracking the sun.
  • No fitting charges, no drilling, no hassle.
  • Move from one RV to another or share with friends.
  • Timer functionality to auto switch the load on/off.