Mobile power systems

Keep the lights on with a specially designed mobile power solution.

Whether you require outback power systems for your holiday home, permanent desert quarters digs or even your mobile home – e-Solar has the solution for you. Our range of outback solar power systems is perfectly designed to make the most of the rich yield of sunlight that you enjoy in your remote location.

For mobile holiday homes and RVs, we offer our customers an endless supply of mobile outback power solutions, which ensure that your fridges stay cold and the power keeps running on board. Our fold-up kits will provide you with all the power you need. The mobile power conversion modules are easily fitted on top of your campervan for maximum efficiency.

For the desert and outback homes, we offer special desert energy supply systems which provide a reliable supply of renewable, electric power. Offering solutions for a variety of markets, we offer outback power systems that are professionally designed to include advanced automated power. Our wilderness solar power equipment is installed by professionals, offering you a satisfying purchase and user experience. We size the equipment that you need and provide backup batteries.

e-Solar is passionate about bringing high-quality energy conversion equipment to the industry. Our outback power solutions provide you with numerous benefits, which include:

  • Reliable and instant power
  • Easy to manage systems
  • Technically advanced equipment covered by warranty
  • Durable equipment, designed to withstand harsh outback weather conditions

Our outback solar power equipment is available to you at an affordable price for great quality. Contact us today to see how we can assist you to make the most of the sunny days that you enjoy in the outback, and even at sea.

Check out an Off Grid House done with Solar Power below

48 Volt Off Grid setup:

12KW Off Grid setup:

Quick look at a 48 volt offgrid system build!