Custom Solutions

Rio Tinto Paraburdoo

Rio Tinto’s Paraburdoo operation is well known for its output and standing in the mining industry. Tons of iron ore are processed daily, with parking lots for trucks miles apart from each other, with power lines limited to the processing plants and offices.

The management required lighting in 17 distant and isolated locations where trucks are parked at night. E-Solar supplied total of 59 energy saving street lights in 2008 – some of the very first LED solar powered Street lights, running 12 hours every night.

The average street light comprises of:

  • 3 x H120W E-Solar modules
  • 1 x K20 Charge Controller
  • 2 x KX12-200 Ah E-Solar sealed batteries
  • 1 X SL100 W LED Street lights

The above solution has saved the company thousands of dollars – avoiding the physical laying of kilometres of cables and man hours, to bring light where necessary in a quick and cost effective fashion…..helping the environment as well

Kwinana Freeway Billboard

Signs & Lines were required by Satterly to set up a Billboard facing Kwinana Freeway advertising their land sale…but they also wanted the same to be lit at night so that commuters’ traffic could see it.

E-Solar Powered LED floodlights provided a cost effective simple solution using latest LED technology….hopefully this helped the land sale…

  • 1 x H280W E-Solar module
  • 1 x K20 Charge Controller
  • 2 x KX12-200 Ah E-Solar sealed batteries
  • 6 X FL25 W LED Floodlights

Perth Domestic Terminal

Perth Domestic Airport wanted to put a digital signboard at the Airport entrance indicating available parking bays and where….

Digging the pavement and road was going to be costly, interrupting the traffic flow to and from the airport and very inconvenient.

A solar powered independent structure was then powered with the following and ever since all people driving into the airport the first parking sign they see is the E-Solar powered one.

It was cheap, quick and with no maintenance required.. Working 24/7 all year round

  • 4 x H120W E-Solar modules
  • 1 x KS40 Charge Controller
  • 4 x KX12-200 Ah E-Solar sealed battery

Kalamunda Street Lights

Brief: Light up Bridge & Bus stop…for 12 hours after dusk.

The Shire of Kalamunda needed to light up a bus stop and a pedestrian path which were not connected to the mains power…

Providing power with the standard grid connection proved to be a timely and costly exercise so other options were explored.
E-Solar was contacted and solar powered street lights suggestions adopted for the 2 separate sites each comprising of the following:

  • 1 x H185W E-Solar module
  • 1 x K12 Charge Controller
  • 2 x KX12-100 Ah E-Solar sealed battery
  • 1 x SL50 LED Street light
  • 1 x 6 Meter Solar Pole