Before you make the big decision there are some questions you must ask:

  1. QUALITY OF THE PRODUCT – Are panels tier 1 and the most efficient you can buy? Is the inverter from a solid reputable manufacturer. Whether from China or Europe?
  2. WHAT IS THE COMPANY TRACK RECORD? – How long have they been in (the Solar) business? How solid is their “expertise”? Why save few hundred dollars on such a long term investment only to find out you were given poor advice?  Please be wary of “Cheap today, gone tomorrow”. The internet is full of reviews of unfortunate customers who bought cheap, only to find the company has gone out of business when the products start to fail. Presently a number of companies offering very aggressive pricing were just registered less than a year ago.
  3. CUSTOMER SERVICE – Even if they have been in business for a reasonable time, what is their commitment to you the client? Online reviews and company’s standing on this are more important than the price you pay.
  4. SALES APPROACH – Given the negative attention our industry has gathered, we do not send out sales people to prospective clients unless they request so. Therefore our prices not including commissions are full value to you.
  5. REAL PEOPLE AND ANSWERS – We don’t operate through call centres and any time you call there is a person answering the phone addressing any questions or clarifications you might have, not to mention prompt technical support and customer service.
  6. BACKGROUND – E-Solar has been involved exclusively in Solar and Renewable Energy for 30 years and only offer products with proven performance, manufacturer reputation and reliable service warranty claims.
  7. INSTALLATION – Unlike other companies, e-Solar does not collect deposits from clients or wait to get a minimum number of clients before we get the process going. 6 months later some clients still don’t know if and when their installation would be carried out.All our clients get processed immediately and usually installations occur between 3-5 weeks at the latest depending on client location (country jobs take longer for approvals from Western Power). Again when the installers come, they do not install at will but first explain where they would install the panels and inverter and after consultation with the client proceed as agreed from both parties.
  8. PRICING – We may not be the cheapest but we price our systems to stay and serve clients years after installation. What value would you put on calling and finding prompt assistance because the company is still in business? According to ASIC statistics, more than 500 solar companies have closed down since 2011 leaving many clients stranded.
  9. BATTERIES – All systems are battery compatible.