10A PWM Solar Controller


1.Automatically identify system voltage, totally compatible with 12V/24V

2.LCD displaying and double button operation of interface.

3.3 stage PWM charging mode: Bulk,Boost, Float.

4.Load control mode: Sensor mode, Time mode, Discharging capacity limited mode.

5.Operation log function: account charging and discharging ampere/hour of the system for the working days,
times of HVD, times of LVD and times of over current protection.

6.Accurate temperature compensation, it can automatically accommodate the charging voltage accordingly

Electronic Protections


1.PV Reverse Polarity Protection
2.PV Short Circuit Protection
3.Thunder Protection
4.Battery Over Charge Protection
5.Battery Over Discharge Protection
6.Battery Reverse Polarity Protection
7.Battery Over Voltage Protection
8.Load Overload Protection
9.Load Short-Circuit Protection
10.Reverse Battery Current Flow Protection At Night