Why the Cheapest Solar System Usually Ends up Costing the Most

Cheap solar system cost in Perth..

Solar prices have plummeted over the last few years and that can only be a good thing for residents in terms of saving money and shortening payback periods. However, of late there have been some suspiciously low prices seen in the market and this comes with a few questions.

How can companies offer similar systems for so cheap and still turn a profit?

The answer, we believe, comes in two parts.


A lot of companies are reticent to state all the components of a system. Phrases like “German Design” and “European Made” are used to lure clients into a false sense of origin. The truth is, those products very rarely match their stated attributes.

It is true that companies like Zeversolar are owned by a German company (SMA) but the story is a little more complicated than just being able to state “German Owned.” Some have even gone to such lengths as to name their companies to the same effect, using ‘Euro’ or any other reputable country in their names.

Along with misleading advertising, many companies are selling panels of 270w. Seeing as production has begun on 360w panels and the standard size has shifted towards 300w for affordable, up-to-date technology, 270w is just not going to cut it these days. This is where many find their costs can be cut.

The inverter is reputable but the panels are on shaky ground. Just look at problems Jinko have had with fake panels being sold under their name of late.


Many cut costs with the solar panel installation process by underpaying their installers. This is likely to lead to a sub-standard installation, costing you a fortune in the future with system failures and roof issues to name just a few. As the saying goes “you pay nuts, you get monkeys.” Many companies have come and gone in the solar market and it isn’t unheard of for a customer to call up the company that installed their solar system package only to find they no longer exist.

Solar is a long-term investment in your house so when you come to purchase a system it is definitely worth wondering how one or two of the quotes you have received can be so much less than the rest and how much that is really going to save you in the long term.

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